North Texas company works with Dallas Mavericks for more active workspaces

DALLAS – A North Texas company is changing the landscape of how we do business.

Coppell-based Varidesk started because one of its founders was experiencing sciatic nerve pain.

“He would literally put a brown box on top of his desk and felt a lot better,” said Varidesk CEO Jason McCann. “As we couldn’t find a solution that worked for him, we ended up creating a product.”

As companies across the world adopt active workspaces, Varidesk continues to grow.

They offer 50 innovative products with 200 more in the pipeline.

One of their newest clients is the Dallas Mavericks.

“We want people to get their heart rates up a little bit more, we don’t want them to be sedentary, we want the blood to be flowing,” said Mavs owner Mark Cuban in an exclusive interview with WFAA.

“An employee that has more energy is going to be a more effective employee, and it’s going to keep your healthcare costs down,” added Cuban.

News 8 cameras went inside the newly outfitted Dallas Mavericks coaches offices where McCann and his team spent the week.

“They started unpacking on Monday, and so today is the first unveiling of everything,” said McCann showing off the upgraded coaches offices.

From standing conference tables to chairs designed to engage the core and reduce back pain, Cuban called the new workspace a game-changer.

“Fewer and fewer people are just sitting at desks anymore,” said Cuban. “You’ve got shared workspaces that have changed that quite a bit. It kind of changes the energy of the organization, [and] that’s always a good thing.”

A positive shift in energy, he said, and in productivity.

“When you go into a meeting and you’re standing or there’s minimal chairs… you’re not in for a two hour meeting; That’s just not going to work,” said Cuban, who added what works for a workforce is best for the business’ bottom line.

“When they’re healthier, they’re happier,” said Cuban.

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